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by Wayne Nickel on Watch Repair Lessons
very thorough!

This course is very thorough and should be where everyone begins. Great material, footage and commentary. Discuses parts, tools needed and basics to get started. Now I just have to save up some money to start the 2nd level. Best wishes to Mark and all other watch enthusiasts!! Definitely worth the time and money.

Solid basics

An excellent primer. Contains all information necessary to get you started. Even if you already have some experience in watch disassembly, the course is well worth your attention, as it introduces clarity and order into these fundamental concepts. The material is delivered with calm professionalism, and well illustrated with example. One thing I cannot stress enough: heed Mark's advice and buy the equipment of quality as high as you can afford. I would recommend buying fewer tools, but of higher quality. Otherwise you will have to make the investment twice as you find that some of the tools you ordered come pre-broken.

Level ! - Watch Repair Course

This course has been well thought out and it especially will appeal to those like myself the fundamental basics (i.e. parts, sections etc). Also the tutor does well to explain the basic tools required and most importantly looking after them.
Good foundation for moving onto Level 2

Great course

I've watched many of Mark's videos. I then decided to take the first course, see if this is something I'd like to do as a hobby. Great course, lots of detail, very well photographed, excellent explanations.

I will take Level II once the ETA6497 movement and tools and supplies arrive.

by Chris Raverty on Watch Repair Lessons
Wonderfully Informative

I've only begun the watch repair course Level 1, and I will be signing on for all the courses offered by Mark Lovick. Mark is an extremely knowledgeable instructor of his craft. I have watched Mark work his magic on You Tube videos for a while now and I'm extremely impressed. Watch repair is a great hobby for me; I love the detail and precision and Mark is the ideal instructor as I proceed. Thanks Mark!

by Daniel Causey on Watch Repair Lessons
Watchrepair level 1

Very thorough coverage of the details and complexities of basic watch repair for today's market.

by w singleton on Watch Repair Lessons
Level One

This section caught me un prepared, I previously had taken another online course from another school of watch repair, a lot of viewing, the instructor was not to too friendly online he wouldn't give good advice. The class u had to purchase the materials.......... There wasn't any testing to make sure u did not proceed with the next section until passing the first level....... Now I am taking the lessons seriously.........

Very interesting

I'm a collector of watches and I read on a regular basis different Watch magazines. Watching the videos on YouTube encouraged me to subscribe for the course.
Altough I'm familiar with mechanical watches, the good thing about this level 1 course is that de functioning of a mechanical timepieze is explained in detail step by step. As a result, this course provides a very good theoretical basis for the follow-up course in which is demonstrated how a hand-wound timepiece has to be disassembled and reassembled.
I am now halfway through the level 2 course and also follow this course with the same enthusiasm. I can't wait to disassemble, clean and assemble my Unitas timepiexe.

by Yulen Garcia on Watch Repair Lessons
Watch repare course

High quality course, its easy to see that there is a hard job behind it,.

Well explained and presented ,

Probably the best basic course online.

im spanish and i have understood everything,,,
That shows a job well done,.

You really can learn and understand the basics of a watch movement , from a person that knows understand an loves what is doing ,.

I would recommend this course without hesitation.

Looking forward the next two.

Level 1

A very good intro for a rank beginner and good preparation for Level 2.

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