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Maintenance and servicing

I was so chuffed with myself for completing the Omega that I skip the review on course 2. So here it is. This course really goes into al aspects of cleaning and maintaining the movements. At the moment I have to keep referring to this course to ensure I'm using the correct oils and greases. I have downloaded all of the course notes for referencing during repairs. Invaluable information for the budding watch repairer.

Once again thank you Mark

Fault finding

I know I gave the first course 5 stars. This course deserves 6.

Absolutely brilliant. I have learned so much I now have the confidence to strip a watch down, clean it and re-assemble, so I will do it.


Well I did it and we have an Omega watch given a new lease of life.

Thanks Mark

Getting started

This course is brilliant. Marks calm tones help immensely in learning watch mechanics. The fact that you have a test at the end makes the mind concentrate so you don't want to miss anything. It has definitely spurred me on to take level 2.

First impressions

Hi, I'm a professional violinmaker making violins for more than 40 years. Recently, I bought some vintage Omegas watches and decided to maintain them by myself. Looking on the Internet, I found some good free informations (Including by Mark Lovick) but no complete classes to overview the job from beginning to advanced level ... Because of the Lovick's free videos quality, I decided to invest in the complete pack ... Wouahhhhh, it's really great, I'm actually finishing the first level ; in the same time I'm collecting the necessary tools (After Lovick's recommendation), the chinese clone movement (to not destroy my Omegas for the moment !!!) and I'm frankly thrilled by the experience !!! Thank you Mark for your share, I'm very happy with your classes !

Watch Repair Course

Very good. The camera work is excellent. I can see exacly what you are refer to. Thank you for offering this course. I have watched your videos for awhile and have learned much.

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