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by Steve B on Watch Repair Lessons

Although I've been a collector of watches for many years I realised that my knowledge was somewhat lacking, where the actual mechanics was concerned. So i bit the bullet and decided to seek more info.
I stumbled upon the watch repair videos on YouTube so signed up.
I have just finished Mark's 1st course and am now inthe process of constructing a purpose made workshop ready to take the second course.
Course 1 was very informative, Mark's teaching style is second to none.
He's able to describe processes clearly and accompanied with superb photography made the whole experience most enjoyable.
Cant wait to get cracking again.
Incidentally im a 64years old student.

by Wayne Scott on Watch Repair Lessons
A Great Start

Being brand spanking new to the watch addiction I quickly realised I needed all the help I can get. Mark has come to the rescue with this very detailed and systematic course. The course leaves nothing out. I have just completed Level 1 and can't wait for my movement to arrive so I can dive into the rest of the course. Thanks so much Mark and all the best from Australia.

level 1 course

I really enjoyed this course and learnt lots!

by Eleanor on Watch Repair Lessons
Five Stars...

This is a good sturdy first level course into horology. I enjoyed the commentary and the notes are clearand concise. I'm looking forward to completing the next levels and to be able to put this kowledge and learnt skill into more than just a hobby.

Good Introduction

A good introduction to a new hobby, covered all the basics.

Level 1

Very well presented and very intersting.
Well worth the money and has been a great help.
Highly reccomded.

by Steve Shoemaker on Watch Repair Lessons
Excellent Course

This is an outstanding course on watch repair. I develop online educational courses for a living and this is one of the best courses I've seen. Mark's explanations are very clear and the video shots of tools and watch parts are of extremely high quality. I have finished Level 1 and when I took the assessment at the end I expected it to be simple because many online courses that offer additional courses make the first ones easy to pass so you can move on and pay for the next one. However the assessment for Level 1 was challenging and truly tested my knowledge of the material. That actually makes the course even more valuable in my eyes. I'm very excited to move on to Level 2!

by mike kelleghan on Watch Repair Lessons
Level 1

Outstanding presentation and Mark has command of the subject. Would suggest that when student gets a passing grade on review exam, it would be useful to see questions missed and correct it to 100 percent. I would retake it but not sure of the 2 or 3 incorrect questions.

by Timothy on Watch Repair Lessons
What a fabulous way to start!

Between the CoVid lockdowns, and Stage 3 adenocarcinoma, I found I had some time on my hands. Wanting to (eventually) restore a vintage 1962 Omega Seamaster led me to this odd and rewarding hobby. But I needed TRAINING!
I found it here!
Wonderful bite sized morsels of real world, non threatening , and very honest segments to get me grounded (and show me which habits I needed to drop).
I’d recommend this to anyone wanting to know not just the how, but the why of it all.
Watchmaking for the real folk!
Thank you Mark! Your easy going style is a comfort.
Now, do you by chance have a course on MGBs and Jaguars?


Level 1

I Just finished the level 1 course, i learned a lot. The instructor is able to keep your attention with his calming voice. I am looking forward to level 2. I am a 35 year goldsmith and alway wanted to learn more about mechanical watch repair.

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