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by Nathan Timko on Watch Repair Lessons
Instructive and easy to understand.

Only two issues, both with the exam.
1: on my PC , the exam question that had you drag pictures to the correct line was new and novel. I must be using a different browser or settings. It was a glitchy confused mess. When I grabbed the picture, my screen became white and the choices flickered in and out of existence when I waved the mouse pointer on the screen.
2: the only question I got wrong. Was what constitutes the escapement. I did not choose the balance complete, due to the fact that the balance complete, in my mind, includes the balance bridge. That would indicate that the train bridge was part of the train of wheels. Just made me scratch my head a bit.

All Three Levels

I enjoyed all three levels. They were informative, well thought out, and well photographed. Even the very difficult to frame and light were certainly educational and very helpful to the student. I am looking forward to the next levels being available since these went by far too quickly.

Well done and great fun!

I could not be more satisfied with Level 1 of the Watch Repair Course.
Each segment was well structured, not trying to present too much information, with clear, concise presentation. It was the quality of the videos on the Watch Repair Channel which drew me to sign up for the repair course. Well done!
I've signed up for Level 2 and can hardly wait to get started. I have an old Baylor pocket watch which hasn't run in 40 years giving me a goal to work for. This is going to be a lot of fun.
I have no reservations in recommending this course.

by Steven Quinn on Watch Repair Lessons
Small steps

Just finished level one and I am over the moon with the course so far just ordered the movement for the next levels as soon as it arrives. I collect vintage watches and I am looking forward to being able to service and repair them after the course fingers crossed.

by Ash Woodward on Watch Repair Lessons
Level 2 Review

Excellent! Excellent! This tutorial is in-depth and very easy to follow, the work gone into producing this course is second to none, well done Mark. I would highly recommend anyone that is interested in this subject to purchase this on-line tutorial, nothing is missed and Mark is an excellent communicator.

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