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Worth the Money

If you find benefit in MArk's free online videos, this course is not to be missed. They are well-crafted and deep.

Great Course!

Great course. Mark's attention to detail is right on the, er, mark!

Excellent Material and Presentation

I stumbled across Marks’s channel on YouTube and was fascinated and interested by his videos. Mark does an amazing job of explaining the intricacies of watches, disassembling, cleaning, repairing and more.

I was so fascinated and impressed by his material and presentation that I registered with his watch repair lessons website. I’m a total newbie and I am now working through the first course and thoroughly enjoying it.

The quality of his content, narration and photography are superb. I’m looking forward to moving through the courses and learning more and more.


Mark is precise and concise. Although I thought I had Level 1 in the bag, the level assessment was still a welcome challenge! Thanks, Mark!

do iy

I've still got the last part of the first course to do do and already when I watch a video from a watch channel I'm so much more informed it's unbelievable. with this in mind that's just for people who generally interested, I haven't even done the parts about the movement yet or my assessment. If this is how informative the courses then by the time I'm finished I'll be set to go onto a practical horology college and I'll have everything that need to be prepared to have a full career in watch repair or servicing and eventually hopefully watchmaking.

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