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Great foundation!

This course builds a great foundation to start your interest in learning more. Although numerous topics are covered, there are some alternative things (other types of escapements, etc) that are mentioned and it would be nice to at least show an example and explain the concept of these other methods of accomplishing similar tasks.

Level one course

I really enjoyed the first level of the course. I learned a lot, and I have been trying to get the tool required to move on with the next level.

Great starting point

A very good and descriptive starting point for aspiring watch repairers and hobbyists.

by Johnny I. on Watch Repair Lessons
Great Course.

Thank you Mark,
I just finished level 1 and shortly I will register for level 2.
I always wanted to know about watch repair and you made it possible with step by step instructions.

by Paul Connor on Watch Repair Lessons

As a beginner to watch repair, I found this introduction course a clear, simple but highly encouraging way to fund my way into this new hobby.

by David van Niekerk on Watch Repair Lessons
Don't Get Cocky

Took my time on this first level - thought it was pretty basic as I've been fooling with watches for over thirty years as a hobby. Boy did I get a wake up call ! The hidden gems in this level must not be overlooked!! Very detailed and simple progression has elevated my skills ten fold! Iv unlearned bad habits and even repaired many of the poor watches I nearly destroyed over the years. Advise to all - Take the course!

Clear and to the point

Lessons are delivered in a clear and logical way. I like the fact that you can’t progress until you have completed the test meaning you can’t skip until you have clearly taken in the information.
At first look I thought the videos were short but after doing it I see why, Mark only tells you what you need to know and all padding is left out.
Looking forward to the others.

level 1

gives a very strong foundation for one to begin the path to watch repair

by Francisco Moliner on Watch Repair Lessons
Level 1 Watch Repair Course

I am thoroughly pleased with the training course so far. As a technical trainer for thirty years myself, I must congratulate Mark for a comprehensive, straightforward and clear presentation of the content.
My only suggestions would be to include (or link) some excercises on the watch movement sections to enhance the learning process.

Watch repair Level !

I bought all 3 courses as a bundle because I thought that it offered the best value.
It's very obvious that Mark is very skilled and knowledgeable and he explains things beautifully. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and crammed it in over a day. It was a great overview and gave me a good knowledge of the watch parts ready for the next course.

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