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Perfect introduction

As a professional trainer I can tell that Mark has a real ability to teach. The course is complete and as I read few books on subject it was a great illustration of theories! Thank you for this unique and quality course. I’ve subscribed for all 3 levels.

Course 1 Review

I have watched Mark's videos for years and finally signed up for all of the courses. I was wondering how hard could it be because you have all the material available to you. You're not going to just slide through these courses. This was evident when I tried to sneak back to check out an answer and I had to start the test all over and I did not pass the first time. going to go back to course one and study it over again better this time. Bravo Mark, videos are nice and clear and informative if you learn better by being shown you can do that; if you learn better by reading you can read instead of the video. As an aside I was looking for the clone ETA 6497 and when I found one, I read the review and the guy on there said he was going to be buying one and dismantling it for a course he was taking. Hmm, I wonder what course that could be?

Level 1

Haven't had the time to fully get through the first level yet (read much overtime), but I enjoy it and am picking up quite a few very interesting points.

Lots of information

I'm almost finished with this level. It will teach you all the practical knowledge you need to assemble and disassemble a watch movement. At the outset I wondered if I had the dexterity to do the task. I did! With Marks easy method of teaching, I was able to disassemble and reassemble a working Unitas 6497 movement. Thank you Mark for being such a good teacher.

In the beginning...

You need to start somewhere right? This course will give you all the basics you need to educate yourself on the tools and terminology to get you started in watch repair. Most importantly you will learn all the components that make up a watch movement. Highly recommended.

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