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by Jim Leport on Watch Repair Lessons
Fantastic courses

I have been a watched tinkerer for about two years and decided to learn how to do more. Enrolled in the course and have completed all of one and I am midway through the second course. It is absolutely amazing amount of information that Mark is able to pass along in these videos. I had my doubts, and they are totally dispelled. I am actually excited about spending hours at the monitor learning from Mark.

by Vratislav on Watch Repair Lessons
Level 3 review

I personally think this Level 3 course is really worth it. I appreciate the different topics covered and then having the possibility to test my knowledge in the quiz section.
I would like to see maybe more questions in the quiz and also to be able to see what were the correct answers (if I make a mistake).

Thanks for the feedback :)Whilst we can't let you know the correct answers as this would negate the fact that it's an assessment, you can review your answers and see where you may have gone wrong. Details here: https://www.watchrepairlessons.com/ufaqs/how-can-i-review-my-answers/

by Christopher James on Watch Repair Lessons
Mark Lovick's Watch Repair Course

I have now completed levels 1,2 & 3 of Mark's excellent course. They are presented in a clearly understood and very professional manner and deals with all the technicalities both in depth and a very erudite way. Mark has a rare gift of sharing his considerable technical talents in an enthusiastic and easily understood way. His video demonstrations are awe inspiring and at the same time inspiring. Your confidence cannot help but improve after engaging with his remarkable teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the modules so far completed, and I await level 4 with keen anticipation. Woul recommend these tutorials to anybody keen to start in this very rewarding craft.

by Pablo Cifuentes on Watch Repair Lessons

Todos los temas se tratan con claridad y se resuelven infinidad de dudas. Un paso mas para profundizar en los temas, con metodologias y practicas muy utiles.
Un curso imprescindible.


Good content. Printed well

All Three Levels

I enjoyed all three levels. They were informative, well thought out, and well photographed. Even the very difficult to frame and light were certainly educational and very helpful to the student. I am looking forward to the next levels being available since these went by far too quickly.

by Steven Quinn on Watch Repair Lessons
Small steps

Just finished level one and I am over the moon with the course so far just ordered the movement for the next levels as soon as it arrives. I collect vintage watches and I am looking forward to being able to service and repair them after the course fingers crossed.

Great Course!

Great course. Mark's attention to detail is right on the, er, mark!

by Paul in KC on Watch Repair Lessons
Additional info

I am thrilled with the results I have obtained from taking these courses. I have completed all 3 currently available - and will take the 4th as soon as it's available.
I think the order and pacing of the presentation are near perfect for me.
Would be great for anyone with an interest in mechanical watches.

Level 3 starts to present the information beyond basic servicing. So you can sort things out when something isn't right.

I highly recommend the courses if you are interested in servicing your own watches, or would just like a detailed look at how it's done.

by JD Richard on Watch Repair Lessons

Great course on fault finding. Would love a course on use of escapement analyser software. I will even visit you in england.

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