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I loved the course, even though I have only gone through the first three or four lessons. I tried to take the cap jewel out of my movement and the retainer came out of its slot and I was never able to get it back. I the process of trying to reinstall it I lost it and could never find it. I also lose the cap jewel in the same process. I don’t think I have enough magification to do this procedure. I am 73 years old and my eyes are not that good. I am thinking of purchasing a stero microscope to help me see better. It is hard to do these maneuvers if you cannot see them. I will keep trying, but it might be that this is not something I will be able to accomplish. I sure did not start out doing very well.

Please do not be discouraged. The best learning experiences will come from overcoming these kinds of challenges. Grab a few scrap movements from eBay and practice :)Keep at it - you will get there!

by Paul Connor on Watch Repair Lessons
Very clear

Following on from Level 1, this takes the whole thing to a deeper level of detail. Mark’s explanations are crystal-clear and he never makes assumptions about his audience’s technical ability, so it always hits the right balance between challenge and encouragement.

by David van Niekerk on Watch Repair Lessons
Getting Serious

Level 1 made me pay more attention - heck I was done with school 45 years ago! Level 2 builds progressively onto the previous level though the final assessment is at the end which makes you pay more attention. Don't drag out the level get into it and do your assessment before you forget too much. My humble skills are improving after each lesson.

Level 2 watch repair Course

A very interesting follow on to level 1, this time getting into the heart of most peoples reason for taking a watch repair course, routine maintenance and oiling.
It gives a very insightful look at stripping to components and preparing the watch for re-assembly and oiling.
Mark reveals some interesting tricks and tips, building upon what was learned in course 1. It's great to have the videos and notes to refer back to as you start to strip your own watch, it gives confidence.

by Lord Wolfeson on Watch Repair Lessons
Just outstanding

After completion of the first level, you will truly have a more confident foothold of what you are dealing with and why. It gives you the road map to help you succeed.
In level 2, the application of level one comes into place. If level 1 is history, level 2 is the actual living of that history. Exciting, fun. Hypnotic... i cannot get enough of these lessons. Just remember... practice, practice, practice...

Mexican student

I am a student from Mexico. I can asure you that this course is worth your time and effort, it helped me understand how a mechanical watch works and gives all the fundamentals that you need to begin.
But if you are from Mexico like me I have to mention that getting all the tools and especially the oilers is going to be hard, you can only order the tools from other country’s and getting the oilers is really hard due to import specs you need to get them into the country.

by Frank Leslie on Watch Repair Lessons
Level 2

Great course that covers all of the basics as well as all necessary techniques. Simply follow along at your own pace and repeat as many times as you want to gain confidence. During this course you really get to know Mark and his gift of teaching others.

Level 2 - Maintenance/Servicing

I really enjoyed this level coming from a technical background this level goes through the various stages of taking the movement apart, what to look for and the cleaning process.
The first time I disassembled the watch movement I was quite nervous but what I found was the easy, clear steps to follow steps with both video/literature I managed to complete the task.
Must to my amazement and joy when assembled the movement started working. I've done a few now and I'm really impressed the level of confidence you get.
Best of all if your not sure you can always go back for reference which is something of a rarity these days.

Absolutely blows the rest out of the water.

Mark is by far my favorite teacher, I won't list the competitor I've studied, but Mark's in contrast is much more organized and established.

Level 2

Excellent course which gets well into the workings and repair of basic watch movements; well presented and very methodical.

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