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Level 2 - Maintenance/Servicing

I really enjoyed this level coming from a technical background this level goes through the various stages of taking the movement apart, what to look for and the cleaning process.
The first time I disassembled the watch movement I was quite nervous but what I found was the easy, clear steps to follow steps with both video/literature I managed to complete the task.
Must to my amazement and joy when assembled the movement started working. I've done a few now and I'm really impressed the level of confidence you get.
Best of all if your not sure you can always go back for reference which is something of a rarity these days.

Absolutely blows the rest out of the water.

Mark is by far my favorite teacher, I won't list the competitor I've studied, but Mark's in contrast is much more organized and established.

Level 2

Excellent course which gets well into the workings and repair of basic watch movements; well presented and very methodical.

by Guido Santacana Laffitte, MD on Watch Repair Lessons
Teaching at its best!

I'm by no means a watchmaker, but since I was a child I have had a passion for watches and for how they work. I now have the time to learn my lifetime passion and am honored to have come by a teacher of such caliber as Mr. Lovick. I have taught medicine for some time, and it doesn't matter if its medicine, high school, engineering, etc; a true teacher explains a subject (no matter how complicated) with such simplicity that students have no trouble understanding. Mr. Lovick's course is a prime example of what it is to be a teacher. This course is superb, excellent in every way. I am finally able to pursue my passion and I can't begin to explain what satisfaction and happiness this gives me. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in watchmaking, you will learn, you will enjoy, but best of all, you will have fun doing so. Thank you again to Mr. Lovick for such a amazing course. I believe that a quote from Albert Einstein applies to this course: "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Mr. Lovick's simple explanations are a testament to his understanding and mastery of this art. Thank you again.

by Pablo Cifuentes on Watch Repair Lessons

Curso imprescindible para cualquier aficionado. Las explicaciones y videos son inmejorables y sin duda el curso ayuda a mejorar de forma notable.
Una gran inversion.


Mark's watch repair course is everything you need to embark on a journey into the world of watch repair/maintenance.
The videos are of high definition and the accompanying dialogue is clear and concise walking you through each individually laid out process. Could not be better. The web site is well laid out and easy to navigate.
Thanks, Mark, for taking the time and paying the attention to detail a novice needs to get his head around a bit of a daunting task for beginners like myself. You are obviously as enthusiastic about teaching as you are about your trade. Well done.

Level 2 review

Excellent couse level, I rate it with 5-stars!!
Mark Lovick explains calm and clear, step-by-step the dismantling, of a movement cleaning methods for the parts, re-assembly and testing of a watch movement.
I shall repeat this course hands-on with a Seagull ST36 (6497). This time I will work on the movement myself copying the actions demonstrated in Mark's videos.
Is it an idea to introduce optional practical exams where students record their own work and submit it for rating?

Cheers, MarkK

by Michael on Watch Repair Lessons
Great course.

Great course. I have been able to service a few watches so far. The repair course is clearly serving its purpose.

by David Mckee on Watch Repair Lessons
Brilliant start to watchmaking

Due to having an increasing collection of watches both modern and vintage I had been toying with the idea of learning to service them myself. I had always admired Mark`s videos on youtube and from there i thought it would be a good idea to check out his online courses.
I had always changed batteries and adjusted straps myself so had a few good quality tools already. I purchased the rest of what I needed before i began level 1.
A word of warning here , do not buy the cheapest rubbish you can find on ebay, if you are serious invest in the best tools you can afford from the start. This will be added to as you go along and if you are somebody who likes really high quality or vintage horology tools you can easily spend thousands of pounds.
Mark has a very friendly character that comes across in his videos and will instantly put you at ease, his years of experience in the industry is also plain to see.
The videos that accompany each lesson are clear, well filmed and very easy to understand for a beginner so I would have no hesitation on recommending the various courses available. After completing and passing level 1 I have now just completed level 2.
Your knowledge and understanding of how a watch works will be greatly enhanced by taking these courses and the price is very reasonable. By the end of level 2 you will be able to strip, clean and service a basic mechanical watch .
Looking forward to level 3 which covers more advanced faultfinding . To sum up, if you are interested in servicing your own watches then this is the perfect place to start if online learning is your only option.
Best regards

by Ash Woodward on Watch Repair Lessons
Level 2 Review

Excellent! Excellent! This tutorial is in-depth and very easy to follow, the work gone into producing this course is second to none, well done Mark. I would highly recommend anyone that is interested in this subject to purchase this on-line tutorial, nothing is missed and Mark is an excellent communicator.

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