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Lots of detail

Enjoyed this, lots of detailed information broken down into chunks allowing you to take it in at a resonable rate. The PDFs available for download are great. I would have a suggestion of a PDF with all couses content being available after completion of course possibly with a TOC etc.

by Christopher on Watch Repair Lessons
Enjoying The Program

Thank you Mark. I've been enjoying the program thus far. I've always wanted to tinker with watches and this program has helped me finally dive into the particulars. I like how the content is both video and written for review. Going through mid-way at this time has given me the confidence to sit down and tear apart a watch (albeit one that was already dead so I couldn't really make things worse!) At that time, with hands on experience, the content really comes to life. As intimidating as these tiny wonders can be, by taking the time and patience (you exhibit) it can be done. Gaining practice handling microscopic screws and gear/staff orientation is great, and your advice to take pictures is really really key! These things can just fall apart on the bench when the screws come out. Gaining skills handling the tools to do the work is a big part too. Placing a screwdriver on a tiny screw can easily prompt it to jump out of the hole and disappear. I look forward to continuing with the program and have ordered the movement you use (Asian clone) to try my hand at. What is great is how you break down the sections since they are are somewhat similar movement to movement once you jump in. Thanks for what you do.

by John Burnell on Watch Repair Lessons
Great Value

Just completed, level 2, although i have a lot of experiance i used these courses to to give me a refresher as most of my time has been spent restoring Antique clocks, I have been around watches and clocks all my life my uncle is in his 91st year and has spent all his life in the trade, my Grandson who is 17 will be enroling on the value pack of courses, this will save me a lot of time teaching, on another point Mark has a great way of explayning watch repairs with a no nonsense aproach but still getting the point across, this way of learning is new to me but it felt like a 1 to 1 experiance, i caint recomend this course & Marks teaching methods any better.

by Andrew Keitley on Watch Repair Lessons
Got a sense of achievement

I completed level 2 over 3 days, with my watch and tools in front of my computer, and enjoyed it immensely. As with level 1, I was really pleased to pass the exam first time - I wasn't confident when i hit the submit button.. I really like that it isnt a rubber stamp test. it meant more to me, knowing it wasn't a given i would pass. thanks.


I loved the course, even though I have only gone through the first three or four lessons. I tried to take the cap jewel out of my movement and the retainer came out of its slot and I was never able to get it back. I the process of trying to reinstall it I lost it and could never find it. I also lose the cap jewel in the same process. I don’t think I have enough magification to do this procedure. I am 73 years old and my eyes are not that good. I am thinking of purchasing a stero microscope to help me see better. It is hard to do these maneuvers if you cannot see them. I will keep trying, but it might be that this is not something I will be able to accomplish. I sure did not start out doing very well.

Please do not be discouraged. The best learning experiences will come from overcoming these kinds of challenges. Grab a few scrap movements from eBay and practice :)Keep at it - you will get there!

by Paul Connor on Watch Repair Lessons
Very clear

Following on from Level 1, this takes the whole thing to a deeper level of detail. Mark’s explanations are crystal-clear and he never makes assumptions about his audience’s technical ability, so it always hits the right balance between challenge and encouragement.

by David van Niekerk on Watch Repair Lessons
Getting Serious

Level 1 made me pay more attention - heck I was done with school 45 years ago! Level 2 builds progressively onto the previous level though the final assessment is at the end which makes you pay more attention. Don't drag out the level get into it and do your assessment before you forget too much. My humble skills are improving after each lesson.

Level 2 watch repair Course

A very interesting follow on to level 1, this time getting into the heart of most peoples reason for taking a watch repair course, routine maintenance and oiling.
It gives a very insightful look at stripping to components and preparing the watch for re-assembly and oiling.
Mark reveals some interesting tricks and tips, building upon what was learned in course 1. It's great to have the videos and notes to refer back to as you start to strip your own watch, it gives confidence.

by Lord Wolfeson on Watch Repair Lessons
Just outstanding

After completion of the first level, you will truly have a more confident foothold of what you are dealing with and why. It gives you the road map to help you succeed.
In level 2, the application of level one comes into place. If level 1 is history, level 2 is the actual living of that history. Exciting, fun. Hypnotic... i cannot get enough of these lessons. Just remember... practice, practice, practice...

Mexican student

I am a student from Mexico. I can asure you that this course is worth your time and effort, it helped me understand how a mechanical watch works and gives all the fundamentals that you need to begin.
But if you are from Mexico like me I have to mention that getting all the tools and especially the oilers is going to be hard, you can only order the tools from other country’s and getting the oilers is really hard due to import specs you need to get them into the country.

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