Use the form below to enrol on our free sample watch repair course and get access to 5 free lessons. Once registered you will receive an email with access, you will not have to give your credit card details or commit to any subscription – I just simply want you to experience what the course will be like.


It's completely free to try and you get access to 5 videos in order to demonstrate the system

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Tyler Whiteside
11 months ago

Very excited to learn from such a competent and easy to understand instructor. You have certainly found your calling with watch repair and passi g your incredible knowledge on to others so effectively. Thank you Mark Lovick!

2 years ago

I am very excited to be a part of this fabulous course and am looking forward to going on to course 3 as this is by far the best out there and the teacher is excepitional in his presentation in how he carries you thru the lessons… he is really a exceptional Instructor!!
I am definitely happy I joined and look forward to my progression..

respectfully T

Jeff Wells
3 years ago

Very good format, i enjoyed lesson #1 and am looking forward to lesson#2. I think these courses will definitely help me reach my goals of being both a watch and clock repair person. Thank You for the knowledge and also your informational videos you have been posting for awhile on You Tube.

Gregory Evans
3 years ago

A real credit to you Mark since the early days of making videos for YouTube.
I will be enrolling as soon as I have time to implement lessons.
Big workshop cleanup before I get started 🙂

Ross Robinson
3 years ago

I am impressed with the quality of the course materials I have seen so far