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Timing Machine

The watch timing machine is a device which listens to the sounds a watch movement produces as it operates. It then measures the amount of time between those sounds and makes a calculation of the watches average daily rate.

Watch timing machines will typically come in two parts. The main device itself, and the microphone.

Older machines were mechanical and would print dots on paper rolls in order to provide a visual representation of the rate of the movement.

More modern machines are fully digital and will usually have an liquid crystal display.

These modern machines have built in computer operations which can provide a lot more data to the watch repairer than the older mechanical timing machines.

Timing machines and their use are covered in several lessons within our Watch Repair Course. In level 2 we introduce the timing machine and it’s use in setting a watch movement’s rate as well as setting it in beat

There are also software based timing machines which can be installed on a cellphone, tablet or PC. Some even allow for adapted vintage timing machine microphones to be re-purposed.

Many higher end models will also provide advanced fault finding features such as wave-forms and an oscilloscope function.

Many modern timing machines will automatically detect the amplitude and the beat of a watch movement.

Timing machines will also help you determine if a watch is out of beat and can even help you troubleshoot faults in a watch.

A watch timing machine is an essential part of every modern watch repairers tool collection.

A watch timing machine by Vibrograf.

A watch timing machine is a machine that acoustically measures the ticks of a watch so that its accuracy can be measured and effectively calibrated.

These companies manufacture watch timing machines:

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