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  • Amplitude
    The measurement in degrees of the balance arc of swing. The measurement is the amount of degrees the balance will travel from the point of impulse until the tension of the hairpsring arrests the balance and causes it to return in the opposite direction. - Read More

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  • Balance Wheel
    The Balance Wheel forms part of an assembly which functions to regulate the speed at which the train of wheels turns within a watch movement. - Read More

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  • Chronograph
    An instrument which measures accurate divisions in time, the most basic of which is commonly referred to as a stopwatch. - Read More

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  • Gear Train
    A gear train is a collection of wheels and pinions with varying amounts of teeth and pinion leaves. See Train Of Wheels - Read More

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  • Horology
    Horology is the science or study of the measurement of time. Horologists observes time, in theory or in practical terms such as with clock or watch making. - Read More

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  • Mainspring
    The mainspring is the primary power source for a watch movement. It is the main driving force and directly manipulates the train of wheels causing them to turn. - Read More

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  • Timing Machine
    The watch timing machine is a device which listens to the sounds a watch movement produces as it operates. It then measures the amount of time between those sounds and makes a calculation of the watches average daily rate. - Read More

  • Train Of Wheels
    The train of wheels is a group of gears within a clock or watch movement which provides a specific ratio in order to complete it's function. - Read More