Level 3: Fault Finding

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Course Difficulty

Learn watch repair fault finding techniques with Level 3 of the watch repair course.

This level covers fault finding as well as introduces you to some of the techniques involved in rectifying those faults including the theory behind the processes.

35 Videos

This level contains 35 High Definition videos to demonstrate the lesson content with over 4 hours of teaching.

Lecture Transcripts

All lecture content is transcribed and illustrated for you to download and keep. *Not demonstrations


When you have gone through the course and quizes you will receive a certificate of completion.

What will you learn?
  • A strategy for the first inspection
  • A full fault finding pathway to drill down to specific areas of the watch
  • Testing the full functionality of the escapement
  • A full breakdown of the train of wheels and power source
  • Testing for and finding faults within the motion and keyless works
  • Requirements

    There are no pre-requisites to taking this course. This course covers all the basics from the ground up.

  • Description

    In the previous levels of this course, we have discussed many of the basic topics in order to get you started in watch repair. We have discussed the minimal toolset you will require, your optimal working position and anatomy of a watch movement. We then went on in Level 2 and discussed stripping down, cleaning, lubrication and re-assembly of the movement. And finally, we discussed an overview of testing and timing a watch movement once serviced. In level 3 of this course, we are going to go deeper into the anatomy of the watch movement and discuss fault finding.

  • Target Audience

    Anybody who is interested in watch repair as a hobby or a potential career will truly benefit from the foundations this course provides.

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