Level 2: Maintenance Servicing

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By Alberto Mostardi AlbSan on May 31, 2018
Hi, I'm only an enthusiast not professional, and I've wanted to do this course to improve my ability.
I really learned alot from this course, it's very well done and Mark is a very good teacher.
I advice this course at everyone it's very easy and funny but at the same time serious and detailed.

Alberto M.
By Kevin Beard kevinb95 on May 15, 2018
Does a great job explaining the whys and hows of doing things. I liked learning cleaning methods, oiling and testing. However, I'd have liked more on cases and crystals. I'm confident on the movement, but not putting the rest of the watch together.
By Robert Duckworth Robert Duckworth on March 28, 2018
Excellent visuals and explanations for actions taken and led by a calm and competent man with a comforting voice and manner.

While this will be only a hobby for me, as a retired surgeon, perfection is always striven for in all endeavors.

I would appreciate the ability to review a complete and scored examination to determine what questions I missed and thus correct my knowledge base. Thank you.
By Craig Ewald craigcarlewald on March 25, 2018
I entered the world of mechanical watches by diving in and “figuring it out”. In that process I learned a lot, enjoyed some successes and more than a few failures. Fortunately nothing purchasing new parts couldn’t remedy. This course is amazing and a treasure trove of information to steer me toward success and away from those failures due to a lack of understanding.
By Shirley Perkins Shirley Perkins on March 19, 2018
This second course was also easy to follow and the detail was great. I will review this course over again as I perform my own service on my practice watches. I really think this was an excellent training tool.
By TANA ROTOLA ON TIME on March 19, 2018
just a great teacher with all as he explains so glad he is the instructor
By Andre Kowalczyk Andre Kowalczyk on March 3, 2018
This is the best course I've ever taken. The material is easy to follow, and Mark is a great instructor. You really got me hooked on this. And now, please, please, please,... release the level 3 (as promised) .
By John Hutchins John Hutchins on February 22, 2018
By George Hughes G Hughes on February 18, 2018
In order to absorb information on any course, the presentation needs to be absolutely 'spot on'.

This is one of the few courses that fall into this category.

The video, text and spoken word are broken down into easily absorbed parts, making it very easy to assimilate.

Keep up the good work and bring on Part 3.