Level 1: Getting Started

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By Ed Klaassen Ed Klaassen on July 27, 2018
I have been seaching and waiting for a course like this for a long time, i'm very very happy with this course.
By Gryf Ketcherside Gryf Ketcherside on July 8, 2018
I just wanted to drop a note regarding my first experience with the Watch Repair course. So far it's been everything I was hoping it would be. While I've already been doing a bit of watch work on my own, the lessons have been invaluable in illustrating the proper, professional techniques, along with providing advice on the best tools and materials. thanks, Mark!
By Gregory Novack Bumps on July 8, 2018
The level one course is exactly what I have been looking for! If you are a complete amateur this course is vital in learning to understand the parts of a mechanical watch, as well as how a mechanical watch works. Coming from someone who knew nothing about watch movements whatsoever, I can now feel confident in proceeding onto the level 2 course.

Thanks for everything Marc!
By Julio Velez-Lopez Julio Velez-Lopez on May 31, 2018
After watching Marks getting started videos I was amazed how nicely he teaches how to fix watches. Also I realize how much money I saved not buying all the tools, a lot of people recommends. He tells us what we should buy to start the watch repair lessons. I can not wait to start taking apart my first watch. Now I have confidence that I will be able to take it apart and put it together.
By Kevin Beard kevinb95 on May 15, 2018
I felt like I learned a lot here and could break down and put together a movement following along with Mark through doing it. A great primer for the Level 2 course to go step by step through the how to and why part of a cleaning.
By Daniel Meehan Daniel Meehan on May 2, 2018
Very easy to follow, professionally produced. All forms of media provided from transcript to video. I passed and got my certificate.
By Thomas Ziemer Thomas Ziemer on April 15, 2018
i really enjoyed your lessons. the only problem for me was doing the quiz at the end of lesson 1. not being able to fully understand the names of the watch parts and translate them in my case to german. video player does not work on osx. must click the alternative link. anoying. but despite that a full five stars because you did a great job on explaining and it helped me a lot. greetings