Level 1: Getting Started

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By Sewon Kim Sewon Kim on December 14, 2017
Though, this particular level doesn't offer ground breaking information but it offers a solid foundation to build knowledge and skills for later courses.

Plus, Mark's voice with British accent is smoothing enough to really enjoy the video clips. ;)
By Theodore Matthiessen 3_roundsNcover on November 28, 2017
Very pleased that I started my watch repair education with this course. Course material is clearly presented with an easy to follow pace. I Highly recommend this course for all who seek watch repair knowledge.
By John Hutchins John Hutchins on November 27, 2017
Excellent introduction to the craft. Videos are clear and progress step by step toward a complete understanding.
I finished Level 1 quickly and ordered the Unitas movement so I can follow each step in Level II. While waiting for the movement to arrive, I am going forward with the Level II videos. When I get the movement to work with I’ll go back to the beginning - probably many times.
By Giuseppe Angelici Giuseppe Angelici on November 10, 2017
The lessons are very simple, but even if they may seem trivial, they actually guide the apprentice with great precision through the steps necessary to start experimenting with disassembly techniques.
Basically very detailed instructions on the necessary material to start that are worth the price of the course itself.

By Erik Backer Erik Backer on October 27, 2017
I had minimal watch repair experience going into this class. I have mostly modded watches and only most minor repairs. This class gave me a much better understanding of the movement works and how each section goes together and interfaces. I am definitely going on to level 2.
I saw Mark's videos on youtube which led me to the site. He makes it fun and interesting!! Thank you!!!
By Dave Gordon EagleDave on October 14, 2017
I am new to watch repair and have watched a lot of YouTube videos. I wish I had started with the Watch Repair Courses.

There are so many details Mark covers that YouTubers just seem to either don't know or pass over.
By Mike Raymond Mike Raymond on October 3, 2017
The course style works OK, the videos clearly inform the student about each topic , the video is supplemented with a PDF text overview and there is very useful descriptive dialogue with diagrams with each presentation. The whole thing is pulled together with an assessment at the end with a pass mark which certainly focuses the mind whilst watching.

Enjoyed it, learned a lot.
By Jeff Trish pogo3d on October 1, 2017
If you enjoy watching his youtube videos, and truly want to learn the proper way to work on watch movements...
By Carlo Tacchetti Carlo Tacchetti on September 29, 2017
As a beginner I found extremely useful this part of the course. Nomenclature and basic concepts on each part function related to shape and position is fundamental. Mark has an easy and clear approach to these concepts
By Hendarin Riandi Hendarin Riandi on September 27, 2017
All subjects were presented in detail and easy to follow along. The videos are very clear.

I think this is a "must" course to take for every watch enthusiast ... well done, .... waiting for the level 3