Level 1: Getting Started

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By Rick DeFreece Rick DeFreece on March 16, 2018
Taught me everything I need to know, and all the basic tools required to pursue a satisfying career or hobby in watch repair. After completing this course my confidence level was raised and solidly bolstered. Lessons are clearly and professionally presented making learning the trade both fun and easy. Can't get enough! On to Level 2.
By Gregory Evans Gregory Evans on March 15, 2018
A great course, Mark thank you for all the hard work in putting such a professional and enjoyable course together.
I did find some of the questions in the quiz tricky with several close answers.
All in all a very well thought out course.
Thank you Mark.
By John Paxton haltse on March 7, 2018
Even if you know something about the curriculum It's deceptive in that you are learning a lot, my error was wanting to rush to get to the "good bits" having seen videos from the creator on YT I don't know if my value negatively affected by what I thought I knew from these. Will I continue to part 2? Yes, that's probably the best review there is.Good video/audio.
By Xiaohan Zhang Xiaohan Zhang on March 4, 2018
It helped alot
By George Hughes G Hughes on February 18, 2018
When starting a course like this it is to easy to rush into the more advanced/interesting part of the topics before learning the basics.

Without the basics you don't move forward. You will eventually stop as mistakes and lack of information take it's toll.

Well worth the money considering the cost of other schools.
By Tony Cucunato binder on February 17, 2018
The basics are covered, but it would be helpful if there was a search bar, so we can go back and review something particular.
By Franco Amadei FAMeng on February 16, 2018
There are other courses on internet or CDs, but most are poor for the videos and the explanations quality. There are also (very few) good courses, but Mark's L1 is the best beginners' course you can find today both for videos and explanations. One suggestion: PDF should include all the picture/tables you put on the webpages. One hope: keep this quality on L2/3.
By Terence Christie Terence Christie on February 9, 2018
Easy to understand and seems to provide a solid foundation and logical method to build upon for future lessons. I'm looking forward to Level 2.
By Bethan Davies Bethan36 on January 31, 2018
I have found the course to be extremely informative and easy to follow.

The only suggestion is that you advise upfront what Movement that you will be using that would be helpful to obtain for the next level, as I had bought some old watches to use to walk through. I’m sure I can still use these for this, but had I have know upfront, the. I would have looked to purchase the same one used.