Bonus Ep.1 Fitting A High Dome Crystal

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You need to be enrolled on Level 1: Getting Started and this level must be completed 100% before this video can be shown.

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This video is the first episode in a new series of bonus videos for those who have completed Level 1 of the watch repair course or those who support this project via Patreon.

In this episode we demonstrate the use of the Bergeon crystal lift tool in order to remove and re-fit a high dome watch crystal.

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Steve Coley
1 year ago

Hi Mark
I have taken and completed levels 1,2,3. I would like to take the next levels. What do I need to do to take course 4?
Is it for patrons only or can I pay upfront?
Kind Regards Steve Coley

Larry Epstein
1 year ago

Unable to view video.
“Access to this particular video and many more are available as a reward to those who support via Patreon with $2 or more”
Please advise.