NEW LESSONS: Cleaning Watch Movement Parts

In Watch Repair Course by Mark Lovick

I have made available two new lessons for level two of the Watch Repair Course dealing cleaning the watch parts now that the watch movement is dissembled and all the parts inspected for wear and/or damage.

The first is a general overview and the second goes into further detail regarding cleaning a watch movement by hand.

c2.3 Cleaning Techniques

This lesson is an introductory overview of the cleaning process once a watch movement has been taken to pieces and all the parts inspected.

In this lesson you will be introduced to several cleaning methods including cleaning parts by hand, using an ultrasonic machine and, of course, using a dedicated watch cleaning machine.

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c2.3.1 Cleaning By Hand

This lesson goes into full detail regarding cleaning movement parts by hand..

The lesson discusses using a de-greasing solution to soak your parts in, what materials you will need and how to further clear away any hairs or debris and how to peg out pivot holes to provide for maximum performance of your watch movement once re-assembled.

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