New Lessons: Dealing with rust and wear

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I have made available two new lessons for level two of the Watch Repair Course dealing with inspecting the movement and it’s parts.

The first covers moisture ingress and corrosion and the second covers damage and wear.

c2.2.2 Checking For and Dealing With Rust

In This lesson we will be taking a look at inspecting the movement for rust or water damage including some tips on how to deal with the corrosion.

In particular the lesson stresses that if any part is affected by moisture ingress or corrosion then those parts should be replaced. However, this is not always practical for various reasons…

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c2.2.3 Checking For Damage and Wear

This lesson further stresses the importance of inspecting the movement and watch parts during the three stages you go through when servicing a movement.

The lesson goes on to point out some of the more common things to look for.

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