Removing The Train Wheels and Keyless Work

NEW LESSONS: Removing The Train Wheels and Keyless Works

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I have made available two new lessons for level two of the Watch Repair Course.

The first detailing the safe removal of the watch train wheels and barrel. The second one covers removing the Keyless Works components.

These two lessons serve to conclude section two where we have a guideline order for stripping down the watch movement.

c2.1.8 Remove the Train Wheels and Barrel

In this video we are demonstrating the safe removal of the train wheels and in particular we note that if a watch has not been serviced in a very long time then it is possible that the wheels may be firmly seated in their respective pivot holes. In this case they would require quite a lot of care and attention to remove.

The video goes on to explain how to open up a mainspring going barrel when there is lip to pry the cap off, and proceed to remove the barrel arbor and mainspring.

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c2.1.9 Remove the Keyless Works

As a conclusion to our guideline for stripping a basic mechanical watch to pieces, this lesson explains how to remove the keyless works.

The lesson encourages you to inspect the intermediate wheels and make notes in order to make sure you replace them in the correct fashion for that particular movement.

The lesson closes by showing all the watch components laid out on the bench ready for inspection and cleaning.

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