New Lessons: Removing The Pallets, Barrel Bridge and Train Bridge

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I have made available two new lessons for level two of the Watch Repair Course.

The first detailing the safe removal of the Pallet Fork and the second detailing the stripping and removal of the Barrel Bridge and the Train Wheel Bridge.

These two lessons are a continuation of section two where we have a guideline order for stripping down the watch movement.

c2.1.6 Removing The Pallet Fork

This lesson goes into detail regarding the safe removal of the Pallet Fork and includes details on the difference between a Pallet Bridge and a Pallet Cock.

The lesson shows some potential pitfalls where the pallet staff pivots can easily break and also the centre wheel may cause obstruction in some instances. To illustrate the points we are continuing to use the Unitas (ETA) 6497 watch movement but to show the removal of a pallet cock we have used a scrap vintage movement as illustration.

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c2.1.7 Removing The Train Wheel & Barrel Bridges

This lesson shows the removal of the train wheel and barrel bridges.

It details the removal of the components still attached to the barrel bridge such as the click work and the crown wheel.

The crown wheel may possibly be secured to the barrel bridge with a reverse threaded screw and the lesson goes into detail as to why this is along with tips on how to determine if the screw is indeed reverse or regular threaded.

The lesson also demonstrates the operation of the click work and finally details the removal of both barrel and train wheel bridges safely, pointing out that the retaining screws may not always be the same length and why, then encourages you to photograph the components you have removed.

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