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Each lesson will be presented by Mark Lovick, the founder and writer of this Watch Repair Course. Mark has been repairing watches since 1988.

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed taking things apart, trying to work out how they work and then attempting to put them back together again, sometimes with success — other times, frustratingly, with not so much success.Mark Lovick



The watch repair course starts from the ground up. You will learn the absolute basics and gradually be moved on to more technical subjects. The first course ‘The Basics’ will cover just that.

The Basics

  • Work Environment
  • Tools & Products Required
  • The Movement & Case

The watch repair course basics

Have you ever wanted to know more about what makes a watch tick? Perhaps you are a watch collector or enthusiast. Or perhaps you are thinking of making a career out of watch repair. My vision with the watch repair course is to make available the skills and techniques I have acquired over the years in a modern and exciting way – full high definition video lessons streamed directly to your computer, cellphone or tablet!Mark Lovick


Once you have completed the basic level, you will receive a certificate of completion and you will be able to continue to next levels.

With the first level of the watch repair course you will have a full understanding of how a watch is constructed and works, the tools and products required and an optimal working environment.

The next levels of the course will introduce you to working with your tools  in order to strip down and re-assemble a basic mechanical watch and fault finding.

watch repair course guideline procedure
Watch repair course videos feedback Watch repair course videos feedback

Level 1


The Basics

This course level provides you with foundation knowledge, including identifying watch parts and calibers, which is essential in order to progress to further levels in this course.


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Level 2



This course level allows you to use the knowledge gained in level 1 to perform a maintenance service on a mechanical watch. Demonstrating a guideline procedure for stripping a watch to pieces and re-assembly.


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Level 3


Fault Finding

This course level concentrates on one of the most important tasks – fault finding and basic repairs. With practical examples demonstrated in high definition video.


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For each level of the course you will complete an assessment of the knowledge you have gained throughout the lessons.

Once you have achieved a passing grade of 80% or more, you will be presented with a certificate of completion which you can download, print and keep.

watch repair course lessons completion certificate
Every Video Lesson presented in crystal clear, High definition 1080p

A Truly Unique
Watch Repair Course

Up until now, the entry point into watch repair has been either through apprenticeship, self learning via books, or entry to a Horology course with a technical college. Whilst I believe apprenticeship is the absolute best way to learn this trade, opportunities are getting more and more scarce. Many college watch repair courses are being scrapped due to lack of teachers, lack of funds or lack of students. I hate to say it, but watch repair lessons, and indeed Horology as a subject is simply not well promoted to school students as a viable career option.

There are several high end courses available to the lucky few, W.O.S.T.E.P as an example, but these specialised watch repair courses are notoriously difficult to gain entry, with many places being reserved for students sponsored by one of the large watch houses.

There are also many fantastic book resources available for learning watch repair techniques and these should absolutely not be overlooked. It is very important to learn from the masters of past. However, many of these books are very dated and do not come close to covering modern watch calibers, tools and techniques.

This course is very unique in that it discusses tools and watch repair techniques in a modern way, high definition crystal clear video which can be streamed directly to your computer, cellphone or tablet.


Online Learning

With this unique watch repair course, you will be able to learn the craft at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. All lessons are crystal clear. Great care and attention has been put into the production of the videos in regards to focus and clarity. This has been made possible by the investment of high quality camera equipment.

Mark Lovick has been producing and publishing high quality watch repair video content on YouTube for several years and gained quite a bit of experience in making clear and concise points, illustrated with the high definition macro photography.


Every Video Lesson presented in crystal clear, High definition 1080p

Hi Mark,

…I got retrenched from my job in the IT Industry, and my position went to overseas workers. I saw the writing on the wall for the future in IT, and vowed not to continue in that field. I was looking for another career path, when I came across your YouTube Channel, and your excellent videos.

At first I just watched them for entertainment; but after a few months I decided to have a go myself. So I brought some basic tools, and a couple of cheap movements off Fleabay, and followed your steps in the videos. I found that I enjoyed it immensely, and that the Lord had blessed me with a talent in this vocation. So after some prayer, thought, and discussion with my family, decided to pursue it as my new career path.

I invested a few thousand dollars on a full range of tools, a desk, and a cleaning machine … and purchased many more varieties of movements online. I also joined your forum and started posting the “Self Training” I was doing, to reinforce my what I had learned, and to help others. I also begin “Cold Calling” every single Watch Repairer and Jeweler, asking if there was any positions for an apprentice watchmaker available.

Well, last week I got a call back from one of *******’s largest watch and jewelry retailers ‘*********’, and they asked me to come in for a “Skill Test”, as a position may be open. So on Tuesday and Wednesday this week I went in, and they ran me through the paces – both technical knowledge and practical hand skills. They were extremely impressed with the level of skill I showed, and my technical knowledge (LOTS of which I learnt from your videos). At the end of the second day they offered me an apprenticeship!! Praise the Lord!!

I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you have taken editing and posting your videos, displaying the correct techniques, describing every part you handle, and explaining the oils and tools you use. All these facets of your videos helped me more than words can express, and for that I am so very grateful. I now have a new career path, working for a fantastic company … so it just goes to show mate, you never know just how much posting some videos online can affect the life of someone else on the other side of the planet 🙂

Kindest regards and gratitude


Course Levels

Each level of the watch repair course gives you access not just to the lesson videos, but also the full illustrated transcript of each lesson in PDF format allowing you to review what you have seen. And in order to help you commit to memory what you have learnt in the lessons, you will be assessed in the form of an interactive quiz.
Finally, you will receive a certificate of completion for each level of the course once you have achieved a passing grade in the assessment.