Level 1: Getting Started

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By Alfredo Trujillo atru2004 on January 12, 2018
I am truly a beginner. This first course sets up the foundation for anyone who is interested in repairing watches as a hobby. Can't wait for level 2!
By Michael Tavener mjtaven on January 10, 2018
Great course for absolute beginners. Assumes no prior knowledge. Knowledge presented in a good relaxed style and in memorable short lessons. Highly recommended.
By Steve Goodman Steve Goodman on January 4, 2018
Mark is concise and descriptive and the presentation is first class. Thanks for providing this opportunity and I can't wait to get started on the next level.
By Andrew Wilson avionicsavant on January 4, 2018
A calm and easy to follow introduction that sets out the groundwork for continuation onto the next level. As well as this it is also a very interesting instructional series for anybody Whois interested in the subject even if they choose to go no further. Mark,s clear instruction and very professional filming production is very informative but also entertaining to watch. A lot can be learned!
By Tony Foster Tony Foster on January 4, 2018
Well, I started off with love of pre 1980 mechanical watches. Then I saw some of Marks videos on Youtube and my desire drove to possible maintenance and repair.
I've now completed Level 1 of his Watch Repair Course and really enjoyed it, now in a dash for Level 2/3.
If you have a passion for mechanical watches and haven't done his Level 1, your missing a lot!
By Ken Jewell Ken Jewell on December 24, 2017
I found his course to be easy to understand and chock full of useful information. The only criticism I have is that the PDF don't often display some of the diagrams and pictures found in the video. I would love to have them printed our soemwhere for easy referral. Otherwise and excellent course!
By Adrian Hannam Adrian Hannam on December 24, 2017
This course has a surprising amount of information in it. As well as the videos there's a pdf transcript of every lesson to download. Mark's knowledge, experience and passion for the subject really comes through on the videos. Highly recommended.
I will definitely sign up for level 2.
By Sewon Kim Sewon Kim on December 14, 2017
Though, this particular level doesn't offer ground breaking information but it offers a solid foundation to build knowledge and skills for later courses.

Plus, Mark's voice with British accent is smoothing enough to really enjoy the video clips. ;)
By Theodore Matthiessen 3_roundsNcover on November 28, 2017
Very pleased that I started my watch repair education with this course. Course material is clearly presented with an easy to follow pace. I Highly recommend this course for all who seek watch repair knowledge.
By John Hutchins John Hutchins on November 27, 2017
Excellent introduction to the craft. Videos are clear and progress step by step toward a complete understanding.
I finished Level 1 quickly and ordered the Unitas movement so I can follow each step in Level II. While waiting for the movement to arrive, I am going forward with the Level II videos. When I get the movement to work with I’ll go back to the beginning - probably many times.